County-wide clean up next week

Staff Writer


In an effort to control careless dumping, county officials will place dumpsters in each of the five districts to control the problem.
A county-wide clean up week is set for Sept. 10-16, during which residents can take advantage of the dumpsters to get rid of some of those unwanted items.
Investigator Greg Conley, with the Grenada County Sheriff’s Department, serves as the county’s environmental officer, and as a dump-site enforcer through the board of supervisors, said placing the dumpster is a way to control dumping before it gets out of hand.
“Hopefully putting out the dumpsters can curb the illegal dumping,” Conley said. “You look across the county, you see people throwing away items that can be easily taken to the land fill or into their own garbage.”
In District One, Grenada County Supervisor Michael Lott’s district, the dumpster will be placed at the fire station on Nat G. Troutt Road.
In District Two, Supervisor Chad Bridges district, the dumpster will be placed on Fort Hill Road.
In the District Three, Supervisor Columbus Hankins district, Conley said there is a permanent dumpster in place in the Pleasant Grove Community for all the residents to use at any time.
In District Four, Supervisor Darrell Robinson’s district, the dumpster will be placed between the cemetery and Old Hardy Road near Highway 51.
As for District Five, in Supervisor Chad Gray’s district, a dumpster will be placed at the Holcomb County Barn.
“Putting these dumpsters out will be a great way to clean up around the community,” Bridges said. “Dumpsters are placed in the middle of the districts to get everyone a chance to throw unwanted items away.”
What Not to Dump
Conley said there are items that are prohibited from being thrown in the dumpsters. That list includes tires, paints, appliances, toilets and hazardous liquids, such as oil.
Conley said all of the trash should be thrown into the dumpsters.
“The county has a clean up crew, but when those items are thrown on the ground it can become very frustrating,” Conley said.
Conley said the illegal dumping of household items can be dangerous for road crews, as well as being an eyesore for Grenada.
“When you deal with household items you have to be aware of needles and other sharp objects that could cause harm,” Conley said.
Conley said there’s a penalty for illegal dumping, and the best option for those who need to dispose of items is to use the county’s landfill.
Landfill Times and Fees
Landfill hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 7 a.m. until noon.
The landfill charges a minimum fee of five dollars, or $30 per ton.