City working to make progress on road and new business


Comment & Observation

By Joe Lee III


Journalists hate to report any news that turns out to be inaccurate.

Last week this column ran a story pointing out the problems with the frontage road in the Southwest quadrant of Exit 206 of Interstate I-55.

Soon after the column ran, City Manager Trey Baker called and said the information was not correct.

Since he and I last talked about the frontage road, Baker told me he has been working with the Mississippi State Highway Department and obtained a verbal commitment from them to bring the frontage road up to standard, pending the moving of some utility lines by the city. This is good news. We commend the city for trying to correct the old road and look forward to completion of the project.

The City Manager also informed me that my information about the possibility of a major eatery not choosing Grenada because of the frontage road was outdated and incorrect. He said the city is working closely with developers to help Grenada grow, but he could not go into detail about what is happening.

He said his sources indicated that Cracker Barrel is not currently looking at Winona. (This column had reported that a Winona source had indicated consideration of that city by the restaurant.)

Thanks to the City Manager for correcting this column and bringing us up to date on the frontage road and the city’s retail efforts.

We look forward to the progress. Anything that helps Grenada helps us all – including this newspaper.

Neshoba Fair

The famous Neshoba County Fair ended last week. According to The Clarion-Ledger, columnist Sid Salter and other sources the politicians were in full swing.

The best thing about the fair is that I wasn’t there.

The Boss of the House’s family is from Neshoba County, and a relative or two has a cabin near Founders’ Square. Years ago she took me to the fair. It was hot, sticky, and dusty. It was a good place to leave.

We had a good time visiting her folks, but we decided that next time we would just meet them at Lake Tia O Khata in Louisville for Sunday dinner.

Foggy mornings

I don’t know about your neighborhood, but several early mornings last week my area sure were foggy.

Voter ID

The president raised the question of national voter ID last week, much to the liberals chagrin.

Of course every state needs voter ID. Mississippi has it and we still have counties with more registered voters than citizens of voting age.

Zoo problems

The Jackson Zoo is in a mess financially. Last month employees saw their paycheck cut by about half, according to The Clarion Ledger.

The City of Jackson is arguing with the current operators since the group announced they are considering moving the zoo to the state owned LeFleur Bluff State Park.

Attendance at the current location was about 185,000 in 2003. In 2017 100,000 visited the Jackson Zoo.

Jackson probably needs to face the reality that the town may be too small to support a zoo.

Border separation

MSNBC is still squawking about families being separated on the border by the evil Mr. Trump.

Of course separating children from parents is bad, but the prejudiced commentators never seem to mention that if the parents hadn’t presented the family illegally at the American border, the family would not be facing this problem in the first place.

A country without borders is not a country.