New info delays councilman’s trial

Staff Writer


Court records show that new discoveries found in the Joshua Hughes perjury case resulted in a continuance of his trial.
The trial of the Ward Five City Councilman has been continued, pending new evidence and discoveries brought about in court Wednesday.
Fifth Circuit Judge George Mitchell Jr., continued the trial to Monday, Aug. 20, at 9 a.m., a decision he made after seating jurors Wednesday morning.
Hughes is facing two counts of perjury that stems from a 2016 Chancery Court child support hearing.
According to court records, interviews from one of Hughes former employers disclosed information previously unknown to the district attorney’s office.
According to circuit court records, the new discovery disclosures presented by the district attorney include:

Hughes’ former employer Sammie Townes told the District Attorney’s Office that Hughes issued a verbal threat to him in December 2015 following a child support hearing in Grenada County Chancery Court.

“Mr. Townes inquired into getting a restraining order against Mr. Hughes and attempted to get a restraining order on multiple occasions,” the record states.

The third item entered into the court record on Aug. 1 states, “The defendant, Joshua Hughes and his wife, Jessica Hughes, contacted Mr. Townes’ wife Catherine Townes via phone and made a verbal offer to pay Mr. and Mrs. Townes ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in exchange for Mr. Townes not pursuing charges against Mr. Hughes for breaking into Townes Funeral Home and attempting to destroy client and personnel records.”

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