U.S. should charge countries for refugees

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

     The Trump administration continues to draw criticism for separating little children from their parents.
     Everyone I know agrees that it is bad, very bad, to separate small children from parents. There is, however, a simple — very simple — solution.
     Parents: don’t cross the border illegally and get arrested.
     There are 30 locations along the Mexico border at which a parent and child can legally seek asylum and not be arrested or separated.
     Those trying to cross the border at illegal crossing points are subject to arrest (and other worse dangers). The decision to be arrested and separated rests with the parent’s illegal act.
     Some believe the parents are being misled and taken advantage of by smuggling cartels and left-wing financial backers.
     It takes a lot of money to smuggle a thousand or more people a thousand miles through Central America to the U.S. border. That money is coming from somewhere.
Charge home country
     A possible solution is to charge the country of origin for each person who arrives illegally at our border.
     According to the Congressional Research Service, the United States gives over a billion dollars to Central and South American Countries each year.
     The U.S. should just figure out a daily cost to house and feed these refugees and deduct the cost from their home country’s monthly welfare check from Uncle Sam.
     Since all of them have to travel through Mexico, we need to charge Mexico a transit fee on each one.
Voting lawsuit
     A lawsuit has been filed alleging that District 22, running through Bolivar, Humphreys, Sharkey, Washington, Yazoo, and Madison Counties, has been drawn to dilute black votes.
     The 1965 Voting Act is pretty specific that districts must be drawn to magnify black votes.
Good News
     Isn’t it great that the 12 soccer players and their coach were successfully rescued from that cave in Thailand? Apparently, due to rain and terrain, that was quite an accomplishment.
     Spelunking has not been high on my list since I was about seven. My parents and I went in a cave at Ruby Falls, Tenn. I still remember how impressive the stalactites and stalagmites were.
     I never had a desire to go in another cave.
Supreme Court nominee
     I don’t know much about Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court, but Chuck (never had a real job in his life) Schumer doesn’t like the guy, so he must be OK.
Good for Starbucks
     Obviously the big wigs at Starbucks read this column recently when we suggested that plastic straws be eliminated and replaced by old fashion bio-degradable paper straws. The over-priced coffee peddler said it is going to eliminate plastic pipes by 2020, replacing them with “an alternative straw option.” (Hopefully that is a $10 phrase for paper straws.)
     Why is it taking two years? It doesn’t take them that long to raise the price on their stuff.
     (By the way, Dunkin Donuts coffee is 10 times better – and costs less.)