Express your views on tax; Study answers carefully


Tuesday night a public meeting is scheduled to discuss the pros and cons of an increase in Grenada’s tourism tax to build a sports complex.

We urge you to attend and to learn the answers to the following questions:

  1. Has the there been an in-depth feasibility study made of the project?
  2. How much is the project going to cost to build?
  3. Will there be a bond issue? If so, for how much?
  4. How much does the city currently owe?
  5. Where is the best location for the complex?
  6. What is the projected direct annual revenue of such a complex?
  7. What is the projected annual operating expense?
  8. Can the operating expense and the bond service expense be covered out of tourism tax increase revenue alone, or will it need to be supplemented from the General Fund?
  9. Is there a projected profit and loss study on the endeavor?
  10. What is the projected economic impact of the completed project?
  11. How detrimental is the competition from other cities?
  12. Will it be operated by a third party, or run by the city like the Dogwoods Golf Course?

If the mayor/council cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction, we recommend you vote against the proposed tax increase.

If the mayor/council can satisfactorily assure you that the project is viable, needed, and will be operated wisely, we recommend you vote in favor of the tax increase and the construction of a sports complex.

The Meeting is set for 5:30 Tuesday, July 17

At the Jas. Cuff Building on the South side of the Square