Shooting investigation continues

Staff Writer


Two Grenada County Sheriff’s Deputies involved in a Monday morning incident have been placed on administrative leave, according to Grenada County Sheriff Alton Strider.
A man Strider identified as William Shawn Mann was shot around 5:30 a.m. on Carrollton Road near the Jefferson Road intersection and died later in the day at University of Mississippi Medical Center-Grenada.
Strider said veteran deputies Chris Hankins and Erby Montgomery were the officers at the Carrollton Road scene when the shooting took place, and the administrative leave is standard department procedure.
“During an investigation by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, placing the deputies on paid administrative leave is standard,” Strider said. “Everything is fine, and we’re just waiting for the outcome of the investigation.”
According to Strider, deputies were responding to a call of a family disturbance, but he did not say specify why Mann was in the area.
Strider said that when deputies arrived at the scene, they made contact with the man they later identified as Mann.
While they were attempting to apprehend the suspect, he eluded the officers and managed to take control of a sheriff’s department cruiser.
“One of our deputies was taking the suspect when he resisted,” Strider said. “The suspect managed to take one of our cars. When he attempted to drive off with it, he hit another one of our vehicles there for back up.”
Strider said Deputy Hankins, who attempted to retake the cruiser from the suspect, was hurt during the process.
The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation was at the scene for much of the week. While the investigation is continuing in Grenada, the State Crime Lab is performing an autopsy to further determine the cause of death and conclude a report from toxicology.
Strider said Hankins did receive injuries during the process and was also treated at UMMC.
“He banged his shoulder up pretty good, but we think he will be fine,” Strider said.

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