Storm damages at least 7 houses

Staff Writer


While most citizens slept early Friday morning, a string of straightline winds caused major damage throughout the city and county, and one family lucky to be alive.
Grenada County Emergency Management Agency Director Trebia Rodgers said as a result of the winds, at least seven homes were damaged in Grenada.
“We had two with major damage done to them and three with minor damage,” Rodgers said. “These houses with minor damage could easily be upgraded to major damage.”
The house with the most extensive damage was a home in the 200 block of West Pecan Street. An 80-year-old oak tree completely split that house and resulted in numerous emergency personnel responding.
According to the Grenada Police Department’s Incident Report, a female was trapped inside the residence.
An officers stated in the report as he made entry into the home, he noticed that a tree had caved in the house, and that one of the occupants, a woman was trapped in the bathroom.
“The woman notified us that she was OK, but she could not move because of the debris and the tree inside of the home,” the officer stated in the report. “I then started moving debris out the way, and I managed to get on top of the tree to help the woman out of the bathroom. I helped the woman get on top of the tree and out of the house.”
According to the report, both the woman and her husband were treated for cuts by medical personnel with the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
The tree also slammed into kitchen of a next door neighbor.
April Mitchell said everyone on that block was lucky to be alive.

Pecan Street resident Tony Crenshaw shows a large, uprooted oak tree that split a neighbors’ home Friday morning. A string of straight-line winds caused damage throughout the city and county, according the Grenada County Emergency Management Agency.