Who is financing border strife?

ONE MORE TIME — Comment & Observation — By Joe Lee III  

     President Trump has ordered federal authorities to cease splitting up families trying to illegally crash the southern border of the United States.

     That’s a good thing. It is always sad to separate children from parents, but the parents deserve some of the blame in this case. Some of the blame, if not all. They are the ones violating U.S. law.

     The whole drama has presented some mysteries.

     Recently a North Mississippi resident was arrested for transporting 35 illegal immigrants through Texas in his truck. He told authorities he would have gotten paid $1,000 each if he had completed the run.

     The immigrants told authorities that they had paid thousands of dollars each to be a part of the illegal smuggling effort.

     It would be logical to assume that someone or some group has sponsored the multitude of families from various counties in South and Central America currently trying to illegally get through the U.S. border.

     Where is all this money coming from?

     Who is paying the human smuggling cartels?

     A political group?

     A foreign government?

     It takes a lot of money to move several thousand people several thousand miles. We cannot help but wonder who is behind it financially. Who profits from continued chaos on U.S. television airways? Who profits from tearing down America and the Trump Administration?

As we have previously stated, we do not like splitting small children from parents, but we cannot go along with teary-eyed television announcers declaring how cruel American officials are treating the kids.

     Indeed, if they really are political refugees fleeing starvation, violence and oppression in their home country, the warm meals, safe air-conditioned housing and medical treatment must feel pretty good.

Anyone can vote

A federal judge has ruled that Kansas cannot require proof of citizenship to allow a person to register to vote.

If that is the case, what is the Russia probe all about? Why is there an uproar about the possibility of Russia influencing the election with some e-mails, when all a Russian has to do to influence an American election is buy an airline ticket, go to Kansas and register to vote?

Makes no sense

That makes about as much sense as a sign I saw at a post office not long ago. It featured two sets of instructions on how to get a U.S. passport.

Half the sign was in English and half the sign was in Spanish.