Volunteers needed for lake Fish Habitat Day

Staff Writer

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials are preparing for one of their most important days when it comes to preserving fish life in crappie-popular Grenada Lake.

A Fish Habitat Day at Grenada Lake is set for the morning of Saturday, Feb. 24, and officials say they are seeking volunteers for its annual day.

Throughout February, the Corps will be hosting a Fish Habitat Day at each of its four reservoirs in north Mississippi.

The Fish Habitat Day is the annual event in which volunteers construct and place fish shelters using wooden stakes.

Chris Terry, Grenada Lake Resource Manager, said they could use every volunteer for this year’s event.
“This is one of our most important events,” Terry said. “With crappie season approaching, we are asking that as many volunteers as we can get come out and assist in this cause.”

Lake Ranger Will Clark checks wooden stakes at Graysport Crossing near Butputter Creek. The lake is preparing a the annual Fish Habitat Day on Feb. 24 and are seeking volunteers for a day of sprucing up fish beds at the lake.