Cold weather problems aplenty

Volunteer helper William Heath works at Grace United Methodist Church.

Staff Writer

Last week’s cold weather pounded much of the nation, and Grenada was no exception.

Nightly lows averaged in the teens, and that caused problems for some residents in the city.

“Going out to start your car in the morning was the worst part,” said Ebony Keen of Holcomb. “This was the toughest stretch I’ve ever had. It’s definitely winter time.”

Thursday night’s low got down to 10 degrees, Wednesday 16, and Tuesday night 17 degrees. Those temperatures caused problems for some of the city’s buildings like the 57-year-old Grace Methodist Church on Carrollton Road.

Tuesday when temperatures never reached the above freezing point, pipes inside the church’s ceiling froze and burst, sending water throughout much of the building.

“Our hot water heater is in the attic, and the cold wind got to it,” said Pastor Rick Shepherd. “There’s a lot of water damage to the church’s ceiling, walls and floors.”

When church members discovered what had occurred, nearly three inches of standing water was inside the church’s sanctuary. Church pews had cracked as a result of the water damage and were moved to another area of the building.

By Friday, ServPro crews had fans and dehumidifiers throughout the entire building.

Members of the Grenada High School Football Team and Christ Community Church members helped the congregation in moving the pews to drier flooring.

Gas explosion

Monday, when temperatures failed to reach 25 degrees, the Grenada Fire Department responded to a gas explosion on the 100 block of Lyons Drive in Eastern Heights.

According to Fire Chief Ronnie Willis, a large gas explosion blew out nearly every window in a house and burned one of the homeowners in the face. Willis said another small explosion also occurred that started a fire underneath the sink in the house.

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