Brick & mortar retail up

One more time

Comment & Observation

By Joe Lee III


December retail sales had the biggest rise since 2011, according to USA Today.

Brick and mortar sales jumped about five percent, with electronics and appliances rising 7.5%. Post Thanksgiving day jewelry sales were up 5.9%.

Part of the reason for the upswing was retailers’ return to traditional advertising — specifically newspapers.

Retailers – If your your sales and profits need a boost – print is still the most powerful, reliable, believable, and efficient way to distribute your message.

Shoppers – Remember when you shop at home, some of that money stays here to work and improve Grenada. When you spend out of town or online, our local tax base suffers.

Greenville spankings

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Greenville public school trustees are considering bringing back the paddle to try to cope with declining school discipline. Paddling is OK, many of us can remember getting a whack or two before the politically correct helicopter parents took over.

The main reason for lack of discipline, is, of course lack of strong parenting; in many cases the absence of a father figure.

As long as taxpayers pay young girls to get pregnant and punish couples who get married, we’ll have this problem.

Paddling won’t help much unless you paddle the no-good fathers and negligent mothers.

Mississippi Lottery

 It appears the Mississippi legislature might debate a state-wide lottery this session.

They might as well, lots of Mississippians are just buying the worthless stubs in Louisiana, Tennessee, or Arkansas.

The only problem is that lawmakers will attach some lofty goal for the additional revenue – like fixing our roads and bridges or improving education – then they’ll figure out a way to lose the money in the general fund never to be seen again.

UN Cut

The Trump Administrations says it is going to cut America’s contribution to the United Nations by $285 million next year.

American taxpayers are currently paying about 22% of the total bill for the relatively ineffective organization. Japan is next at 9.68%, China pays 7.9%, Germany 6.3%, France 4.8%, UK 4.4%, Brazil 3.8%, Italy 3.7%, Russia 3.0%, and Canada 2.9%

The regular budget for the UN for budget year 2016-17 was $5.6 billion. The top 20 countries pay 83.8% of the bill, and the other 173 pay a little over 16%, according to