Congress still immune from their own laws

One More Time — Comment and Observation — By Joe Lee III

     Congress continues to feign anguish over sexual improprieties in Washington, yet not one of them has gotten upset enough to make lawmakers subject to the same laws they enforce on business and the rest of the citizenry.
     They specifically exempted themselves from discrimination and harassment laws.
     Also, not one legislator has pushed for transparency in connection with the slush fund they have used to secretly pay $18 million (or more) in taxpayer money to individuals who have accused them of inappropriate behavior.
     We have a right to know which legislators drew settlement money from taxpayers in order to pay for their transgressions.
CNN floundering
     A Sunday or two ago, one of the CNN programs spent the entire time lambasting Fox News. The talking heads were as relentless and vicious as MSNBC — and that’s saying something.
     As the nasty verbiage was unwinding, I begin to wonder what was motivating the attack.
It did not take long to find out.
     According to the viewer count, Fox is number one with over 1.4 million viewers a day. ESPN is second with a little over one million.
     Nickelodeon is second, and MSNBC is fourth with 899,000. Adult Swim (I never heard of it) is fifth. CNN has abandoned objectivity in order to try to get back in the top five.
Top patriots?
     The Washington Examiner published a survey recently. They asked a bunch of conservatives to name the top five most patriotic businesses. The response — in order — was the NRA, Chick-fil-A, the Republican Party, Fox News, and Hobby Lobby.
     They asked a sampling of liberals the same question and got the following ranking: the Democratic Party, Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood, the NFL kneelers, and the New York Times.
Russia meddling
     Please explain this to me.The folks who are making such a big deal out of the possibility of Russia meddling with U.S. elections via the internet seem to be the same folks who are promoting registering to vote and voting on the internet.
     Isn’t internet voting a golden invitation to Russia, China, or some basement hacker to rig an election?

Happy New Year!