Rail service returns to Grenada

Staff Writer

The trains are finally back on track as repair of the 75 year-old rail bridge crossing the Yalobusha River is complete.
For the first time since July, trains are crossing the river and allowing shipments to arrive to their destination.
Trevor Costilow said crews finished earlier than expected.
“We finished about nine days faster than we thought,” said Costilow, Superintendent for the Grenada Railway. “Since the rail has been open, we’ve been running across the bridge pretty frequently now.”
Crews with Simmons Railroad Group, a Louisiana based rail repair company, and Grenada Railway employees have cleaned off the site around the bridge.  Bulldozer work looks evident with a smoother surface on the ground.  Some trees and brush have been cut where the Yalobusha flows southwest from the site giving the area a clean and more appealing look.

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