No end in sight for political strife

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III


     Last week we relayed a story about some Ole Miss fans’ experience in purchasing tickets and parking passes at the Oxford campus.
     Following the article, we received a call from a friend of ours who is well versed on the subject.
He told me things were not as expensive as had been reported.
     For more information on the price of tickets and parking fees, go to This website goes into more detail about prices and benefits.

Washington mess

     The federal government seems to be getting worse. More and more polarized.
There are two or three warring factions in the Republican party and two or three warring factions in the Democrat party. No one seems to want to find any sort of common ground from which to begin some constructive dialog.

The cause

     It is no secret what the root of the problem is: gerrymandering.
     Years ago — 1964 to be more exact — the federal government mandated that voting district be drawn for the sole propose of giving certain voters more power.
     Let’s say your city or county has five districts. We know there are only so many voters in the overall pool. If you draw two or three of the districts to deliberately give the advantage to liberal voters, then that makes the remaining districts much more conservative that they would have been otherwise. It polarizes the conversation.     

     Candidates in one area tend to get more and more liberal and less considerate of the other position as the years go on.
     Candidates in the remaining area tend to get more and more conservative and less considerate of the other position as the years go on.
     Before extreme gerrymandering, a candidate could be reasonable — work with both sides — and get elected. No more. Left is left and right is right. Tolerance is out the window.

Other factors

     Of course there are other factors. Fake news on the internet. Outrageous political correctness. Children being raised to not to tolerate any sort of discomfort.
     Is there an end in sight?
     Don’t see a remedy on the horizon. Now that gerrymandering has created these kingdoms — 435 individual kingdoms in the U.S. House of Representatives alone — no one wants to give up ruling of his or her domain.
     Same for state legislatures and local governments.
     Until recently we could escape the political quagmire by turning on a football game. Now that option seems to be gone.
     There are only so many NCIS and Law and Order reruns available to watch. Who knows, maybe people will start reading books again!
     Maybe parents and children will start spending time outdoors.
     Maybe they’ll even talk to each other. Send a text and ask.