Take a deep breath — pray


Comment & Observation

By Joe Lee III


The world seems to be exceptionally angry now-a-days.

  • The North Korean leader wants to blow up California.
  • The South Koreans and the Americans are beefing up weaponry.
  • Japan is distressed.
  • The U.S. is talking about killing trade with China because China backs the North Korean despot.
  • Syria is still a mess.
  • Afghanistan (and Pakistan) are political cesspools.
  • Britain is arguing about getting out of the European Union.
  • Russia is threatening the U.S. about arming Ukraine.
  • Venezuela is in the dumps.
  • People are upset at statues that have been there a century or more.
  • Flags make people weep.
  • The National Anthem is a source of extreme controversy.
  • Families don’t converse at the dinner table any more. They text.
  • Real friends (neighbors) are replaced with virtual friends on Facebook.
  • Trump is mad a Congress.
  • Congress is mad a Trump.
  • The Democrats are just mad.
  • Speakers are forbidden to appear at college venues.
  • The media have lost objectiveness and are now merely objectionable.
  • TV commentators spew hate.
  • We are arguing about a wall on our southern border.
  • The government may shutdown due to lack of funds.
  • The stock market showed out last week.
  • We are on the verge of deporting folks who have been here most, if not all of their lives.
  • The United States is bankrupt — $20 trillion in the hole.
  • Gas prices are jumping.
  • Our court system is overloaded with disputes.
  • Homicides are commonplace in what used to be the most peaceful of communities.
  • We used to leave our doors unlocked.
  • We used to worry about stray dogs, now we worry about stray bullets.
  • Any city in the world is subject to a terrorist attack in the name of religion.
  • Great Wall, a car manufacturer based in Communist China, is on the verge of buying Jeep – the iconic vehicle that helped GIs make the world safe for democracy 80 years ago.

Even Mother Nature seems to be inordinately angry … Harvey … Irma … Jose … Katia.

What a bummer.

What ever happened to “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony?” Wait — that is a Coke song. Now it is not politically correct to consume sugar.

Being a Methodist, this writer tends to be a little reserve when it comes to expressing religion in public, but hey – maybe — just maybe we all ought to turn down the volume a little bit and pray to our Maker a lot more.

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