Four councilmen block city progress


Batesville (top) is in the process of opening three new or completely remodeled motels. Grenada (Bottom) appears to be going in the opposite direction. Grenada used to be the shining city between Jackson and Memphis. If you were traveling on I-55 today, where would you stop?

An Unfortunate City


Third in a Series

Rarely is a city fortunate enough to have an organization with the expertise, the financial wherewithal and the will to revitalize an entire downtown area.

Rarely is a city unfortunate enough to have leadership determined to block such needed revitalization of the Central Business District.

Members of the Grenada Downtown Development District have spent hundreds of thousands of their own dollars to purchase and renovate failing buildings around the Public Square and its feeder streets.

They are poised to invest more private funds to help our city, but the Grenada City Council refuses to even meet with them.

The Grenada City government gives lip-service to making Grenada better. On June 12 the city council discussed hiring a company that specializes in recruiting new retailers. (They later hired the company, and we commended them for this action.)

On June 20, four members of the same council refused to even attend a meeting to hear plans presented by the Grenada Downtown Development District to improve the area. Plans that would cost city taxpayers nothing. Without a quorum, the council could not act.

Observers close to City Hall believe the four councilmen boycotted the meeting in order to any prevent action that would enable downtown improvement. You see, the downtown area councilman won by only four votes in the last city election (159 to 155), and any shift in downtown population might change the makeup of the council.

We urge the Grenada City Council and other Grenada city leaders to put politics aside and get behind the Grenada Downtown Development District.