No gun at school Thursday

Staff Report

Police and Grenada School District officials say there was no gun or any other weapon at any city school yesterday.

Rumors spread rapidly on social media sites Thursday about a student having a gun either at the high school or the middle school. Officials said that is simply not true.

Grenada Police Chief Garrett Hartley said the police department did not respond to a call at a school during class hours Thursday.

According to Lt. Justin Gammage, one of the supervisors on the police department’s A shift, the rumors spread following a comment made by a student who was upset with a teacher over a test grade.

“There was no gun, there was no hit-list. It was all rumor,” Gammage said. “A kid said something to his friend, and it went from there.”

School Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault also said the reports were false.
“If there was a gun at a school, I’d be the first to know,” he said.