EPA hears citizens’ concerns

Staff Writer

   Concerned citizens expressed their frustration to the  Environmental Protection Agency at a Tuesday night community meeting.
  When EPA Environmental Engineer Mike Norman took the floor a little after six o’clock at Grenada City Hall, approximately 300 people, including city officials and city department heads,  wanted to hear what the agency had to say.
   “Right now there is no immediate threat to public health,” Norman said. But at a local manufacturing plant “there is an elevated area of TCE,” he said. 
   Norman told the audience that the study shows the source of the toxicants stems from a former wheel cover manufacturer that operated what is now known as Grenada Stamping from 1961 through 2008.
   Norman said traces of TCE were found in a tank located in the back of the facility that was used in the 1970s, and studies show that another source of TCE was found on Moose Lodge Road.
TCE is a non-flammable, colorless liquid used for cleaning metal parts and is a common groundwater contaminant. It dissolves in water, but can remain in groundwater for a long time. In surface water, it quickly evaporates and is commonly found as vapors in the air.

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