Doughnuts and I are good friends


Commentary By Arnold Dyre

   I distinctly remember the first doughnut I ever tasted. I was seven years old.
   I think it was the first time that I accompanied my father on his milk run from the dairy he managed for Mr. Jim Keeton at Gore Springs to the Pet Milk Company processing plant in Winona. We had stopped in Elliott at the A&M Truck Stop where Daddy got a cup of coffee and bought me a Coca-Cola.
   When the waitress brought the Coca-Cola with a straw in the bottle and set it down in front of me on the counter where Daddy and I sat, Daddy voiced to her, “You’d better bring the boy one of those jelly doughnuts, too.”
   I remember sitting at that counter on a stool that turned round and round, my legs too short to reach the floor, and savoring every drop of the Coca-Cola and every crumb and flake of sugar of that wonderful jelly doughnut. I have been a doughnut fan ever since!
   A few years later, my mother started making homemade doughnuts. I recall one day while I was up in a tree playing Tarzan, that I suddenly smelled a wonderful scent that appeared to be coming from Mother’s kitchen. When I climbed down out of the tree to investigate, I discovered that Mother was making doughnuts using a potato yeast.
   Boy, those doughnuts were good! I was just a little boy but I managed to eat at least 14 or 15 still warm doughnuts before Mother made me stop, claiming that I would spoil my dinner. Of course, Mother was talking about the noon meal, which back then we called “dinner.”
   These days, my doughnuts of choice are Krispy Kreme. I remember the first one of those I ever had. It was in Biloxi.
   I remember doughnuts from Dennis Bakery on Green Street in Grenada. I remember delicious Shipley Do-Nuts on Commerce Street across from the “hosiery mill.”
   I’ve had Dunkin’ Donuts all over. In Hawaii, doughnuts are called “hot malasadas,” and in New Orleans, Café Du Monde has made beignets world famous. Truthfully, no matter what you call them, I’ve never eaten a doughnut that I didn’t like.
   If doughnuts were dollars, I’d be broke in a hurry!

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