Vegetation, lines bad combo for Entergy users

Staff Writer

   More than 740 customers were without power for about half an hour Wednesday due to lines getting entangled with vegetation, according to an Entergy official.
   Line Supervisor Jim Lyles said that the trouble originated with the circuit that comes out of the south Grenada substation, located near Perry Road on Highway 51.
   “Those customers south of Windmill Street and Mondy Road, all the way to Elliot, were affected,” said Lyles.
   The circuit conductors got wrapped up in some vegetation, near the Forestry Commission, on Highway 51 South, Lyles said.
   Technicians trimmed back the vegetation and restored the circuit within 37 minutes.
   “I realize this was an inconvenience to customers, and we apologize for it,” said Lyles.
   “We work hard to avoid and prevent power outages,” he said.

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