Raiders search for first victory

Sports Editor

   It was a night that most people would like to forget.
   The Kirk Raiders had their troubles in last week’s 70-22 loss at Marshall Academy. Veteran Coach John McCrory knows that the best approach is to move forward.
   “We have to put that game behind us and move on,” McCrory said. “Our approach is that we have to correct the obvious which was the mental errors that took place. There is not a lot that you can do about the physical part. Give Marshall credit, they got us out in space and made plays.”
   On the defensive side, Kirk will also look at the mental mistakes made against the Patriots.
   “We didn’t keep our lane integrity,” McCrory said. “Our guys would get to the quarterback but allow him to take off and run. That just added to our mistakes.”
   Turnovers were a problem. The Raiders had five against Marshall. That included four interceptions. Those mistakes happened for various reasons.
   “I thought the interceptions were a combination of our inability to protect the quarterback,” McCrory said. “We also didn’t do a good job of running pass routes.”
   McCrory was also disappointed in his team’s play in the kicking game.
   “We didn’t do well in the kicking game,” McCrory said. “Those mistakes led to some quick points.”

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