Drone used to check pattern at corn maze

Nic Robinson of Bull Bottom Farms navigates a battery-powered, GPS-guided drone over his corn maze in southern Grenada.

Staff Writer

   The drone won’t bring you a soda or wash your dishes, but it takes pretty nifty, high-resolution pictures of corn and cotton as it soars over row crops.
   That’s the task that Nic Robinson gave the robotic, hovering machine Tuesday at Bull Bottom Farms in southern Grenada.
   Robinson, who operates the farm with his wife and parents, took the controls to the gadget, gently raised the joy stick, and watched as the drone, which displays intelligence that can, at times, be almost unsettling to humans, rose over the young, green ears of his corn patch, then hovered as if awaiting instructions.
   It was, actually, awaiting, instructions.
   Robinson and family at Bull Bottom have carved out their yearly corn maze, preparing for their fall busy season, and they wanted a bird’s eye view of the artistry.
   The image, mowed out of the seven acres of corn, is of Robinson’s late grandfather, Houston Robinson, standing beside a John Deere tractor.

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