Clovis ready for football


   Commentary By Arnold Dyre

   Waiting for football to start has been an event in and of itself.
   At 98 years old, my friend, Clovis, has been guaranteed nothing and a good number of much younger residents at Sunnybrook Estates Retirement Center, where Clovis lives, have expired since Clovis and I last witnessed an Ole Miss football game.
   Clovis has been counting down the days until football but frequently loses track and sometimes forgets what the numbers on his easy-erase board even mean.
   To meet the newspaper’s publication deadline, this article, scheduled to appear the day after Thursday’s Ole Miss game against Boise State, is being written two days before the game. Very early Tuesday morning, Clovis telephoned me, asking, “Has the game started yet?  When are you getting here?”
   I sleepily told Clovis that it was still night, and that I had been sleeping. Clovis said, “It’s 5:15. That’s not night!”
   I told him that it was still dark outside and that made it night.
   Clovis did not give up easily, insisting that it was afternoon instead of morning and wanted to know what time the game started. I explained that the game was on Thursday and that the current day was only Tuesday.
   Clovis apparently took a good hard look at his eraser board and declared, “This board says that it is Monday.”
   I replied, “Well, neither Monday nor Tuesday is Thursday, and the game is on Thursday.”
   Clovis did not seem at all pleased that the long-awaited game was still several days away. I reasoned with him that the best thing we could do would be to both go back to sleep and see what time and day it was when we woke up.
   Clovis agreed to try that, but admonished me to call him if I woke up before he did, because he did not want to miss the game. I assured Clovis that I would not let him miss it.
   Oh, I so hope Ole Miss wins the game. We will all know by the time this piece makes the paper on Friday.

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