City will flush all fire hydrants

Staff Writer

   Grenadians might notice a slight discoloration in their water the coming weeks, but it’s nothing to worry about, according to the superintendent.
   The Grenada Water Department will begin flushing all 800 hydrants on its system starting Tuesday.
   “The purpose is to clear the line of sediments and deposits of naturally occurring chemicals in the water,” said Superintendent Dale Ratliff.
   When employee Stanley Edmond turns the wrench and opens the spigot, some 75 to 100 gallons per minute will come spewing out of each hydrant. The process sometimes causes the water in other parts of the line to turn a slight, reddish color, Ratliff said.
   “The water is perfectly safe to drink,” said Ratliff. “Customers may want to test their water before washing white clothes, however,” Ratliff said.
   Flushing a hydrant can take anywhere from five minutes to half an hour, Ratliff said.
   “We’ll flush the hydrants until the water runs crystal clear,” said Ratliff.
   Edmond has been the go-to man for hydrant flushing for years, Ratliff said. He’ll start at the department’s office, on Bryant Street, then work his way southwest.
   It should take Edmond about 10 weeks to finish the job, Ratliff said.
   There are some 8,500 meters on the Grenada water system.
   The city sells 55 million gallons a month, to customers that reach into Calhoun, Montgomery, Webster, Carroll and Tallahatchie counties.
   “We’re the third largest, non-metropolitan system in the state,” said Ratliff.
   The department flushes hydrants twice a year.
   “Should anyone have questions or concerns they may call the department at (662) 227-3400,” Ratliff said.

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