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Joe Lee III

One More Time
A Comment By Joe Lee III

   Southern Living
recently named the 100 Best Southern restaurants.
   Only three Mississippi eateries made the list: Delta Bistro in Greenwood, the Snackbar in Oxford, and Walker’s Drive Inn in Jackson.
   The Boss of the House and I have not made it to the Delta Bistro in Greenwood. We can’t get past Giardina’s in the Alluvian, the Crystal Grill, or Lusco’s. If it is better than those three, it must be pretty good. The Alluvian Sunday brunch for hotel guests is nothing to sneeze at, either! It is fine.
   Oxford is much the same. When in town, it is hard to pass up the City Grocery’s shrimp and grits — the best meal in Mississippi. If the Snackbar is better than that, it must be some kind of good.
   Walker’s Drive-In is OK, but, if in the Jackson area, Brent’s Drug Store is better. (Brent’s doesn’t do prescriptions any more!)

Hog & Hominy?

   Others on Southern Living’s list  include:

  • Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen in Memphis. If it is better than Frank Grisanti’s in the Embassy Suites, it must be good. Grisanti’s Oyster’s Rockefeller alone are worth a trip to Memphis.
  • Hog & Hominy in Memphis — never heard of it.
  • Restaurant Iris in Memphis — new one on me.
  • The Barn at the Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tenn. Agreed, it is good. Take your wallet — better yet take out a second mortgage if you plan to stay at Blackberry Farm.

   The BOH and I will check out the Memphis and Mississippi places on the list that we have missed and report back. It won’t be any problem getting her into a new restaurant! It’s a rough assignment, but someone has to do it!

No McDonald’s

   One place we will not be dining is under the golden arches in Moscow.
   In order to display both his maturity and his anger at the U.S. Russian Premier Vladimir Putin closed all four Moscow McDonald’s last week.
   Is he going to stand outside the door with his shirt off acting like a bouncer?
   Next time you are in Russia, check this out and let us know.

High flying

   It comes to no surprise to mid-south travelers, but the Memphis and Jackson airports are in the top 10 most expensive in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.
   Jackson is number nine, with an average cost of $454 per round trip. Memphis is tenth most expensive with an average round trip ticket of $448.
   Don’t scurry over to Birmingham. It is 13th most expensive ($443).
   One would think Atlanta would be good. A significant number of folks drive there to catch flights to save money, but Atlanta ($405) is higher than the average round trip ticket at $381.  Nashville is a little lower than the national average at $377.
   We hear of folks going to Little Rock to catch a plane. It is one notch better than Atlanta, with a average round-trip ticket cost of $403 — $45 per ticket better than Memphis.
   No wonder folks are resorting to train travel and some are even experimenting with the new luxury buses.

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