Chief, officers address concerns

Chief Detective and Capt. George Douglas (left) responds to audience questions as Police Chief Ben Williams listens during an open forum at the Lewis Johnson Senior Citizen Complex, Thursday. Betty Jean Sullivan (below) voices her concerns as Luvenia Goss and others look on.

Staff photos / Galen Holley

 Staff Writer

   Betty Jean Sullivan wasn’t angry, just worried.
   Sullivan’s house, in the Pine Hill area, in the northern part of town, was burglarized on May 3, and her nerves have been a little shaky ever since.
   “To be victimized hurts,” said an impassioned Sullivan, addressing Police Chief Ben Williams during an open forum at the Lewis Johnson Senior Citizen Complex on Thursday.
   Grenada’s police chief gamely answered questions from local residents for two hours. The only topics off limits for discussion were ongoing investigations.
   Capt. L.C. Smith, who sat close to Williams, near the lectern, responded to Sullivan.
   “Each of you has somebody you trust, perhaps an officer among us here,” said Smith, who supervises department’s the B shift, which works from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m.
   Sullivan’s house was burglarized about 9 p.m.
   “I want to encourage you to build a rapport with that officer, to get to know him or her, and to communicate. That’s the key,” said Smith. “We want to hear your concerns, and we want you to trust at least one of us enough to talk to us. Help us help you. If you can’t reach anybody else, call me. I will call you back.”

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