Busy time waiting on football to start


Commentary By Arnold Dyre

   The main thing that’s happening these days is waiting for football but, actually, I have had a lot going on to pass the time.
   Not long ago, I learned that I would have to have surgery. That was not welcome news and, so far, I have been to doctors three times just in preparation for the surgery.
   In the middle of it all, I broke a crown in my mouth while eating a peanut butter and popcorn sandwich and had to endure three visits to the dentist and one to an oral surgeon. Back as a boy, ole Doc Kemp in Winona could have done it all himself in one visit, and I might have even managed to get a gold tooth!
   While the yet-to-be-done surgery has been looming, I have also been busy with my new book, a novel called “Untruths and Truths Untold.” My novel and I were at the Winston County Library in Louisville on July 29, at the Blue Biscuit Book Club in Indianola on Aug. 5, and we will be at the Elizabeth Jones Library in Grenada on Aug. 20.
   I hope you folks from Grenada and places close by will come visit with me at the library at 2 p.m. next Wednesday. It will be my last book talk/signing appearance before I have surgery the following day at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.
   If things go as planned, I will spend only one day in the hospital following surgery and should be up and about in 10 days to two weeks time.
   If you are counting, that gives me less time than the predicted recovery time before Ole Miss football begins on Aug. 28. However, old Clovis has it figured out. Clovis says that he will have his nurse get him situated in his recliner in front of the large screen television set in his apartment at Sunnybrook Estates Retirement Center and, then, he will send her downstairs with his wheelchair to load me up and bring me to his room.
   Clovis says that he will leave it to Beverly to get me from my house out to Sunnybrook and to pick me up after the game is over. I did not ask, but I suspect Clovis has also figured out how to get us beers throughout the game. Generally, Clovis wants to drink a beer every time Ole Miss scores. Sometimes, he will substitute first downs for touchdowns!


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