Community theatre being revived


A Comment By Joe Lee III

   Right after last Friday’s edition hit the street, I received a good news e-mail from Amy Garrett.
   This column had lamented the time when Grenada had an active community theater.
   “I just wanted to let you know that Grenada Theatrical Playhouse has just been formed!” Mrs. Garrett wrote.  
   “It was an idea that we discussed for a few years, and have finally decided it was time to make it a reality.  The first show will be directed by me.  It is called ‘Faith County,’ a comedy that takes place in a southern setting.  
   “The show is scheduled for performance Nov. 15-16 in the Grenada High School Auditorium.  Auditions are the 15-16 of August …”
   There is a public service ad about the playhouse on page A-7.
   The newspaper will be publishing more information about this much appreciated asset to our community.

Google search
   A reader was complaining recently about the changes to Google Search.
   A couple of years ago, he plugged in the name of his former home town so he could keep up with what was happening there.
   When a news event hit the media, he would get a message.
   Apparently that search engine was not making enough money for Google, so a few months ago they changed the system.
   Now all he gets is houses for sale. Any real “news” is scarce. He told me he deleted the search and now checks the community’s newspaper web page several times a week. Of course, I told him he should have been doing that in the first place.
   I gave up on Grenada Google alerts a long time ago. Google kept sending stuff related to Grenada Island in the Caribbean.

FB problem
   Still on the subject of internet giants, did anyone have Facebook problems this past weekend, or is it just my computer ignorance?
   I posted a couple of videos. One video showed up twice, and when I deleted one copy, they both disappeared.
   Later, I had three or four comments on one of the videos, the next time I was on the page, they were all gone. Later, they reappeared.
   I have no idea what I did wrong.

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