Grenada gas prices low? Maybe not

Joe Lee III

One More Time
A Comment By Joe Lee III

   It may come as a shock to many North Mississippians, but Mississippi has the third lowest gasoline cost per gallon in the country, according to Only South Carolina and Alabama ranked better in price.
   Unfortunately, we drive too much. Mississippi ranks second highest in gasoline consumption per driver — followed only by Oklahoma.

Grenada prices

   Wednesday, Exxon was top dog in Grenada’s branded gasoline pricing at $3.369 per gallon. (Exxon in Batesville was $3.159.) This amounts a extra 6.65% “tax” over our neighbors. Money siphoned out of our community by oil distributors that could be used for school clothes, food, utilities.
   Shell in Grenada Wednesday was $3.349 (Batesville: $315.9).
   Conoco-Phillips in Grenada: $3.349 (Batesville: $3.159).
   Raceway in Grenada: $3.329 (Batesville: $3.159).

Lots of electricity

   We also use a lot of electricity per capita — possibly due to the heat and humidity. Only Tennessee and Louisiana use more juice per person than we. I’ll bet this surprises Yankees — many of them don’t even think we have electricity.
We rank about in the middle as per price per kilowatt hour — number 23.

Low heating rates

   Heating bills should be low. We have the fourth lowest natural gas rates, with only Colorado, Oklahoma, and Wyoming below us.

Memphis and Jackson low

   Memphis ranks 128th in cities for raising families, according to, but before we get too snooty about our big neighbor to the north, consider the ranking of the only Mississippi city on the survey. Jackson ranks 147 out of the top 150, ahead of only Birmingham, Miami, and Detroit.
   At the top of the list? Plano, Texas (1); Sioux Falls, SD.. (2); Anchorage, Alaska (8). The grading considered family activities and fun, health and safety, education, and affordability.

Obamacare loss

   Mississippians have lost ground due to Obamacare, according to study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, published on WalletHub.
   Before Obamacare, 18.11% of Mississippians were uninsured, the projected number after Obamacare is 21.46 — a decline of 3.34%.
   Nationally, the figures look better. Pre-Obamacare was 17.87% uninsured, post Obamacare projection is 14.22%, according to Kaiser.

Reckless teens

   Only teens in South Dakota have a worse driving record than those in Mississippi. New York teens rank tops.

Not so safe

   Mississippi’s ranks 43rd as a safe state in which to live. Massachusetts is the best. Nevada is the worst.
   This category takes into account individual financial health, disaster losses, crime rate, and a host of other factors.

Financial literacy

   We don’t do so hot when it comes to “financial literacy,” either. Mississippi is last, with Arkansas one notch better.
   New Hampshire and Utah are the most financially literate, according to WalletHub.
   That may be, but I’ll bet we have more four-wheelers and expensive bass boats than those guys!

Happy Birthday Frankie!

   Changing the subject — Happy Birthday to my good friend Frankie Innes. She celebrates 90 years on August 2.
   Frankie was very active in the Grenada Fine Arts Playhouse when it was producing live theater here years ago.
   Wouldn’t it be great if someone would revive community theater in Grenada.

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