Farmers not likely to be in high cotton this year

Steve Winters of the Grenada County Extension Service inspects cotton plants in a local field.

Staff Writer

   Grenada row crops are least two weeks behind where they should be, because torrential early spring rains prevented farmers from getting in the fields to plant, according to an expert.
   Cotton is blooming about 1/3 up the stalk, whereas it should be about 2/3 up the stalk, according to Steve Winters the Mississippi State University Extension Service.
   “The cotton is starting to fruit real well,  but its stunted,” said Winters. “Cotton blooms form from the bottom, and you would expect to see that bloom at least 2/3 up the stalk by now. You can actually watch that bloom move up from the bottom, and we’re a little behind right now,” said Winters.
   The largest cotton farmer in Grenada is Coley Bailey, with about 3,000 acres. Grenada farmers are growing about 6,000 acres of cotton this year. Most is located on the periphery of the county, near Holcomb and Gore Springs.

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