GSD officers complete weapons training

Student Resource Officer Stephen Whaley (from left) fires his .45 pistol at a target, along with Security Director Benji Britt and Student Resource Officer Eric Williams at the sheriff’s training facility near the Grenada Airport on Wednesday. The officers were participating in annual qualifying exercises mandated by the Mississippi Department of Education.

Staff photo / Galen Holley

Staff Writer

   Grenada’s student resource officers, commonly called security guards, completed their annual firearms training this week as part of the district’s comprehensive crisis management plan.
   Officers Eric Williams and Stephen Whaley, along with Security Director Benji Britt, fired their .45 caliber pistols on Wednesday at targets on the shooting range just northeast of the Grenada Airport.
   Each man fired 50 shots and was graded on the number of accurate hits.
   “Insurance and the Mississippi Department of Education require officers to recertify each year in firearms training,” said Britt, who took over as security director last year, in addition to his duties as transportation coordinator.
   The student resource officers, who cover seven campuses, are armed at all times.
   They’re called student resource officers, rather than just security guards, to reflect the overall breadth and scope of their training. Rather than simply stand sentinel, the officers build rapport with the students, answer questions, receive visitors and deal with the public in general.

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