Youth join forces to improve their community

Grace Gober, 13, of Grenada (from left), Lindsey Griffin, 14, of Grenada, Bailey Finn, 13, of Houston, Cassiday Rea, 15, of Houston and Kennedy Boyer, 14, of Houston, paint trim at a house during Operation 206 on Friday.

Staff Writer

   Friday was the last day of work, but they’d been working all week.
   The young people were cheerful and sunny, undaunted by the suffocating heat and the work that lay ahead.
   Outside a house on South Street, some 20 teens gathered in the shade and formulated a plan. The girls would paint. The boys would weed, trim hedges and mow.
   Jessie Potter, 16, and Jacob Cervantes, 14, climbed a ladder to a balcony over a portico supported by smooth, white columns. The white-brick house was in the Mediterranean style, with a wide, open porch, low-cut windows and a sprawling yard.
   The boys scraped rust off the metal fencing that edged the balcony, making way for girls with paint brushes who followed close behind.
   Without being told, Taylor Faulkner, 18, climbed a ladder with a bucket of white paint and a brush and started painting the trim around the portico beneath the boys.
   In the front yard, on the concrete steps leading down to the sidewalk, Cate Wrenn, 17, Katie-Noelle Steed, 17 and Sidney Cox, 16, worked carefully and artistically with their brushes, painting the guard rails.

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