Storm pounds downtown

A 150-year-old tree was toppled in front of the All Saints’ house.

Staff Writer

   Saturday storms caused more damage than most Grenadians may have imagined.
   A 150-year-old tree fell across the driveway and damaged a couple of cars at the All Saints’ House, according to an official.
   “One vehicle was privately-owned and another belonged to All Saints’ House,” said Louis Shivers, property manager of the facility, a retirement home located on Main Street.
   The tree was uprooted completely, and left a huge crater in the ground.
   Monday morning it lay pointing east to west, blocking the All Saints drive.
   “This property has been here for 27 years,” said Shivers. “The city isn’t handling it (tree removal). We’re taking bids on removing it right now.’
   According to Grenada EOC Director Trebia Rodgers, there were several downed trees around downtown, where the storm was localized.
   One was on Pearl Street, which knocked power out to the jail for some time. Another was on Monroe Street.
   Bryant Street, Jasper Neely Drive, Vance Road, Govan Street and Pine Hill Street also had trees down, Rodgers said.
   “We had about 2,400 customers affected,” said Engergy Grenada Area Supervisor Jim Lyles.
   Some Entergy customers were without power for almost 24 hours, Lyles said.
   “We brought in personnel from Southaven and Jackson to help,” said Lyles. Most of our customers were restored to power by 3 p.m. Sunday.”
   District Three Supervisor Columbus Hankins, in whose district most of the damage occurred, was relieved that nobody was hurt.
   “That tree at All Saints could really have hurt somebody, and I’m certainly glad it didn’t,” said Hankins.

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