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A Comment By Joe Lee III

   If you are wondering what all this rain has done to Grenada Lake, check out the updated link on GrenadaStar.com.
   Go to the website, look on the left and just below the “Weather” link, click on the link named “Grenada Lake Levels.” There you will find the current level of the lake. If you look around, you’ll see the current Guide Curve.  At the time of this writing, the lake is about two feet above the desired level of 215 feet above sea level.
   Further inspection will disclose other interesting facts such as the record high of 237.3, recorded May 29, 1991. Flood stage, the level at which the emergency spillway over flows, is 231. The record low was 190.95 on Dec. 4, 1962.

Establishment Pol?
   Irony or a good pun is always appreciated around here.
   Recently the Boss of the House and I came back from a trip out of state. After we got back home and fed Paws, the tuxedo cat, I went through the mail and found two giant postcards from a politician telling me how anti-establishment and anti-Washington he is.
   I looked at the return address on the expensive cards. Each one of them was from a separate nationally-known, Washington based multi-million dollar lobbying firm.
   An old sage I have known for years frequently declares, “Nothing is ever as it seems.” Methinks he is correct again.

Iraqi mess
   Iraq is in disarray once again. What a mess. The Shiites are fighting the Sunis. The Kurds are up in arms. It is going you know where on a fast freight.
   Many folks, including some Democrats, blame the President for being too eager to leave. Of course, all Democrats, even those in Congress who voted for the war, blame George W. Bush.
   The fact is that Iraq isn’t really even a country — at least not in the historic sense. At the beginning of the last century, Britain controlled a large portion of the world, including what is in now Iraq.
   In 1918 a British woman named Gertrude Bell took out a map and drew the boundaries from “three disparate provinces of the former Ottoman empire,” according to the Washington Post.
   There were more diplomatic developments, including the subsequent Treaty of Mohammara, but the fact remains the boundaries were drawn more in consideration of natural boundaries than in consideration of the historical inhabitants.
   The natives have been at each other’s throats ever since.
   President Obama has announced that the U.S. will not help Iraq unless the president of Iraq brings opposition leaders and their ideas into his government.
   We all know Mr. Obama has been so receptive to compromise during is presidency!!!!
   This is a classic case of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Ticket to Heaven
   There is nothing wrong with splitting Iraq up into three or four internally cohesive countries, but severe danger lies in the international terrorist intentions of at least one of the factions involved.
   A thousand years ago (1095) the first Crusade was triggered by Pope Urban II. Urban declared that it was not a sin to kill non-Christians, in fact, any knight who went to the Holy Land was granted a passport to Heaven, no matter how many sins he had committed.
   What a deal. Eternal forgiveness no matter what you did, plus all the loot one could carry home!
   Then came the Second Crusade (1147 to 49), the Third (1189 to 92). The Fourth. The Fifth.
   The Sixth Crusade ended in 1229 — or maybe not.


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