County making some progress in late garbage bill collections

Staff Writer

   Efforts to improve collection of delinquent garbage bills have improved since the Grenada County Board of Supervisors publicized its intentions to get more aggressive with collections last month.
   According to Chancery Clerk Johnny Hayward, over the last three months around $2,000 more per month has been coming in after supervisors announced that, among other measures, they would send collection agents door-to-door and perhaps even place liens on property if the late accounts weren’t settled.
   The county already withholds car tags from those who have outstanding garbage bills, but people might not understand just how far that hold extends, according to Tax Assessor David Melton.
   The statute says that Melton is to withhold tags from all residents registered to a delinquent address, not just from the person whose name is on the garbage bill, he said.

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