Bogue pushes backwater into spillway

Staff Writer

   Bogue Creek is flooded, and that’s causing backwater flooding at Grenada Lake.
   According to Ranger Artie Hoff with the Army Corps of Engineers, the flooded creek is causing water to flow into the campgrounds on the southwestern side of the dam.
   Rangers evacuated the lowest areas of the campground Monday.
   Grenada has received nearly six inches of rain in June.
   “You can practically see the water rising,” said Hoff as he drove roads that only rangers are allowed to drive on the west side of the dam on Tuesday.
   Water rose to the brink of the 20-foot rock embankment that flanks the spillway.
   No one fished. No one watched. The water was as still as a mill pond with the spillway closed.
   The torrential rains caused a backwater flood, meaning that the water is coming in from the southern tributaries that feed the lake. The water isn’t coming from the north, which would be a headwater flood.
   As Hoff drove west, he encountered a low spot in the road where water had risen, in the span of only half an hour, to cover the pavement.
   A blue heron stood sentinel over a low portion of the road that was ankle deep in water.
   The Thunder on Water festival is scheduled to start on Wednesday as planned, and Hoff said the idea has been floated to postpone or to relocate it. Hoff doesn’t think that will be necessary.
   “I’m optimistic,” said Hoff, even as rain was forecasted for Tuesday night. “I think we’ll be able to start by Wednesday evening.”


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