GOP nonsense will doom country

Oliver Parks

Oliver Parks
Guest Columnist

   You know, when I listen to U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan talk about the plight of the inner city people that don’t work, don’t want to work and live off the taxpayers, he was referring to blacks.
   I wonder if there are any poor people of any other race in this country.
   I did a little research and found something interesting in the Appalachian Region. This region includes the Appalachian Mountains and 13 states ranging from southern New York to eastern Mississippi and eastern Kentucky. About 18 million people live in this region, where the family income and literacy rate is well below the national level and they are 90% non-black.
   Now my question is, “are they shiftless, lazy, don’t want to work type of people?” If not what is the reason for their plight and why didn’t the congressman mention them.
   The congressman wants his country back. So all he has to do is help his party win both houses of Congress, win the presidency and hold the high side of the Supreme Court that will help put laws in place where only Anglo-Saxons can vote and only Anglo-Saxons would be allowed to be educated. Then he would have his country back.
   Some states have already started tactics to block African-Americans, Latinos and Asians from voting. They have already started tactics to destroy the public schools. Some states have enacted laws where whites can kill blacks and nothing happen to them for it.
   Governor Jindal of Louisiana talked about the Republican Party being the party of the stupid, and I wonder how they expect this country to survive if they get full control with the stupidity he hears on a daily basis.
   Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham want a full scale war with Russia, which would eventually become a nuclear war.  I can tell now that if somebody in the Republican party doesn’t come to their senses, this country is doomed.
   Together we stand, divided we fall.

Oliver Parks resides in Grenada.

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