New uniforms for Grenada Police Dept.

Corporal Glen Willis (left) and Sergeant Ricky Williamson, wear the new powder blue tops and Navy blue pants of the Grenada Police Department. Willis wears two chevrons on his sleeve to signify his rank. Williamson wears three. Staff Photo / Galen Holley

Staff Report

   Grenada police officers are sporting new uniforms.
   The new colors for the rank of sergeants and below are powder blue tops with Navy blue pants. Officers formerly wore black tops with black pants.
   Chief Ben Williams chose the colors because he wanted officers to be easily distinguishable from other law enforcement agencies, he said.  
   “I wanted us to look like police officers,” said Williams. “This color will be easily visible day and night. The material is breathable and will work well for our officers.”
   Lieutenants and above still wear white tops.
   The new uniforms feature double, pleated breast pockets and an American flag on the right shoulder. The Grenada PD patch is on the left shoulder.

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