The VA: a view of our future


A Comment By Joe Lee III

   If you like the current administrative quagmire enveloping the Veterans’ Administration health care procedures that have recently left 40 to 100 or more veterans to die in order for the VA to meet scheduling quotas — you’ll love Obamacare.
   If you like Obama’s continued refusal to allow the Keystone pipeline — you’ll love the $400 billion energy deal announced last week by Russia and China.
   Concerning veterans’ health care — how could anyone possibly deny that the VA mess — government administrated health care — is just small preview of what all of us are in store for when Obamacare goes in full swing.
   Waiting lists to get on the waiting lists. Committees to decide whether or not you get a treatment. Interference by influential Congressmen on behalf rich donors. Political cronyism. Incredible expense.
   Unfortunately, many of us were not comforted very much when we were assured by the White House that the President was mad as h—. We have heard that song before.
   Changing our attention to the Russia – China deal opening that part of the world to less costly energy and a brighter economic future, while getting near bankrupt Russia out of a financial bind. At the same time Russia and China are making plans to unseat the U.S.’s economic might, President Obama is tying America’s economic and industrial hands by denying the Keystone pipeline.
   There is no legitimate reason deny the construction of the pipeline. Business wants it. Industry wants it. Unions want it. America’s economy and future industrial viability are crying for it.
   Apparently, some uber rich Democrats are opposed to the pipeline. It would be interesting to find out their real reasons for holding America back.
   There is some good news. Four nights ago I had a call from Jamaica informing me that I had won $450,000.
   Curiously, when my cell phone rang it displayed the entire phone number. I listened to the man for a few seconds, and then what was already a poor connection broke.
   He called back in about 20 seconds and asked me why I hung up — did I think this was a “joke” I told him I did not hang up, but that I did think it was a “joke.” (Actually the term “fraud” or “crook” was closer to what I had in mind.) He got very indignant and told me he did not have time to deal with a person like me and hung up.
   Then I realized why I had received the full caller ID. Obviously, a certain percentage of recipients have second thoughts and redial the number and try to claim their “winnings.”
   Paws the cat and I decided we would rather have an ice cream sandwich and put the phone down.
   The next day, the Boss of the House got the same call. Apparently they are just going down selected area codes and prefixes.
   Don’t fall for it. The Better Business Bureau warns that if you return the call, you could be billed $19.95 plus $9 per minute.

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