Tourism board gets good audit

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   The Grenada Tourism Board on Monday approved an audit of last year’s financial transactions and voted to bring two crappie tournaments to the Lake City.
   Certified Public Accountant Ronnie Windham recently completed an audit of the board’s finances from last year.
   “We found nothing out of the ordinary,” said Windham. “This was a routine audit, like we conduct every year.”
   According to Executive Director Samantha Hilmus,  Grenada took in $472,000 in tourism taxes last year. That includes taxes on restaurants and hotels.
   Under Grenada’s current arrangement, half of that money goes to the city to be spent on tourism-related expenses.
   Tourism spent $321,611, according to Hilmus.
   Windham also pointed out that tourism awarded $127,000 in grants last year. That number is high, he said.
   According to Hilmus, some of the major recipients of grant money were Thunder on Water, which received $10,000, Dizzy Dean baseball tournaments, which received $9,000, and Crappie Masters, which received $60,000.
   Board member Cheryl Stevens made the motion to approve the audit, seconded by Larry Harges. Jan Walton cast the lone dissenting vote, making the vote six to one in favor.

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