Unpaid garbage bills plague budgets

Staff Writer

   Customers with unpaid garbage bills are being offered the chance to pay voluntarily and, in some cases, be forgiven their accumulated expenses, before being discovered.
   Grenada County supervisors said Monday that they are prepared to go door-to-door in order to  find customers who are falling between the cracks.
   Unpaid garbage bills have become a hemorrhage on both the city and county budgets, officials say, and they’re personnel are preparing to go over the rosters with a fine-tooth comb in order to update delinquent accounts.
   The county is owed some $239,000 in unpaid fees, according to Chancery Clerk Johnny Hayward.
   City Financial Manager Carl Bevell said that some 1,571 customers have accounts that are at least 30 days delinquent  and in some cases more than 116 days delinquent.

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