Special program planned to honor our veterans


Commentary By Billy Collins, Grenada Mayor

   We will celebrate one of the most important holidays of the year on Monday, May 26: MEMORIAL DAY.
   This is a day to stop and thank the many veterans for their sacrifices and the many freedoms we enjoy. Many have given their lives for our country or have sustained serious injuries. As you read this article, thank our military personnel that are in harm’s way.
   At noon, Monday, May 26, on the Downtown Square, a special program will be held to honor all veterans. We want to invite all of our veterans in all branches of the military, from Grenada County and surrounding counties, to be a part of this event.
   We want all of our citizens to join us on this special day. “Veterans Are Our Heroes.”
   If you cannot be with us, we ask that you pause for a word of prayer to show appreciation. Remember our veterans gave the best time of their lives to go in harm’s way, or they were prepared to go if the need arose. Let us honor the veterans, our American Heroes.
   God Bless America, land that we love.

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