Enjoyed full meal deal in Grenada County visit

Arnold Dyre

Commentary by Arnold Dyre

   Last week was full.
   I began getting reviews on my new book, a crime mystery novel called Untruths and Truths Untold. The reviews were good. The folks, who are reading the story, like it.
   On Wednesday, Ole Miss managed to lose yet another baseball game to the Golden Eagles (that makes four in a row lost to USM), but on Friday and Saturday the Rebels rebounded to win the first two games of a three-game series against SEC opponent Arkansas. Old Clovis says that we have to take the good with the bad.
   On Friday afternoon, I was in Grenada at Susan Baker’s Sugarplums Bakery, Books & Coffee Shop in Sunset Plaza autographing my novel. Remarkably, some strangers as well as treasured long-time friends purchased the book. My sister, Bettye, came by looking like a million dollars, got a book and told me she was not coming the next day to the Gore Springs School reunion. Bettye, instead, was headed to Ole Miss to watch the Rebels take on Arkansas.
   I worked up an appetite signing books and talking to people who came by Sugarplums and, when I left, I went by my cousin Tommy Dyre’s High on the Hog and got one of his hamburgers. I took the burger with me and ate it alone at my sister Sarah’s place at Gore Springs.
   I am glad to report that Tommy’s High on the Hog burgers are still the best I have ever eaten — made with real meat rather than those pressed patties.
   At Sarah’s place, the solitude was overwhelming. There were wild ducks on her pond. Sarah’s plum trees and blueberry bushes are loaded with unripe fruit. Admittedly, her garden is not very far along, but someone has been doing a good job at weeding it.
   I did not bring my fishing gear and, thus, did not disturb the pond ducks.
   Without television to watch and somewhat tired from an already full day, I went to bed at 6:30. I slept all the way through until seven o’clock the next morning!
   I did not have to be at the Gore Springs School reunion until 10. So, after a breakfast of coffee and boiled eggs, I started reading my own book. Honestly, I enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
   The attendance was somewhat off at the reunion this year, but there was an abundance of good food, and I really did it justice.
   By just after two, I was back at Susan Baker’s Sugarplums. Don’t you think “Baker” is a wonderful name for someone who owns a bakery?  
   Susan served a “King of the Mountain Cake” and raspberry punch. Both were delicious. I signed more books until four and then went back to High on the Hog to get two fish plates to take home with me.
   I made it back to Madison without breaking into the fish plate take-out containers, and Beverly and I enjoyed our meal together.
   After supper, I finished reading my book. I highly recommend it!


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