Refrigerator rules never broken

Joe Lee III

One More Time
A Comment By Joe Lee III

   6Does your house have refrigerator rules? Ours does.
   RR #1 — Always put short items on the tall shelves.
   RR #2 — When you have a tiny little bit of leftover, wrap it up in tin-foil with a market value twice that of the leftover.
   RR #3 — Do not throw away warm leftovers. Wrap them in a bunch of tinfoil, refrigerate them for a week or two — then throw them away.
   RR #4 — Never look in the refrigerator. If you need some mayonnaise, open a new jar. You can always store it next to the other two open jars of mayonnaise on the top shelf.
   RR #5 — Every couple of years, look at the expiration dates of the items in refrigerator.
   RR #6 — Only keep storage containers for which the top is missing.
   Do you have some good rules at your house?

Senate race

   The politicians were out in strength across north Mississippi last week … touring … visiting … having constituents call newspapers to get pictures here and there … seeking free publicity.

Note to the politicians: Buy an ad.

Selling out Ukraine

   As Washington keeps talking about tougher sanctions, Moscow gobbles up more Ukrainian territory, and commentators constantly remind us that the President’s hands are tied because the Europeans are wobbly due to oil deals with Russia.
   Maybe its not just the Europeans who will sell out the Ukrainians for a little of the precious liquid. Exxon is going ahead with plans with Moscow to drill in Russia’s Arctic seas.
   Politics, oil, and money make strange bedfellows. Sorry Ukraine. Ever hear of Neville Chamberlain? The Munich Agreement? The Sudetenland?
   In September of 1938 Chamberlain assured the world there would be “Peace for Our Time,” after he gave into Hitler’s demand to annex an important chunk of Czechoslovakia because it contained many German speakers.
Hitler had been stirring up the situation for months. Sound familiar?
   Bye – bye Ukraine. The world likes you, but we like oil better!

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