Five community agencies gifted with Grenada Gives 365 grants

Christmas in April volunteers Tom Holden (from left) Dudley Hutchinson and David Harbison work on a deck on a Poplar Street home adopted by the Rotary Club of Grenada, Wednesday. Christmas in April was one of five non-profits that received $2,500 grants this year from Grenada Gives 365. Volunteers with Christmas in April will spruce up nine houses in Grenada.

Staff Writer

   Film buffs, art students and those in need of housing repairs were among those who benefitted this year from the daily generosity of their fellow Grenadians.
   The grants for Grenada Gives 365 were awarded recently at the Early Learning Center on  Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, and non-profits throughout the Lake City received money.
   Grenada Gives 365 is a project of the Grenada Community Foundation. Grenadians pledged to give $1 each day of the year, then a committee, comprised of the donors, chose which applicants received the grants.
   The grants were for $2,500.

Early Christmas
   Christmas comes early every year for several folks in need of home repairs.
   Tomorrow volunteers with Christmas in April will fix up nine homes in Grenada County, and the grant from Grenada Gives 365 will help with construction costs.
   “We’re extremely grateful for the money and everyone can be assured that it’s going toward a good cause,” said Sue Gregory.
   Christmas in April serves those who for reasons beyond their control cannot make home or yard repairs.

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