April showers can also bring severe weather

Staff Writer

   April is the cruelest month, according to poet T.S. Elliott, and in the deep south hot and cold weather quickly mix to form turbulent climates.
   According Meteorologist David Cox with the National Weather Service in Jackson, Grenadians need to be prepared this time of year for dramatic changes in the weather.
   “Typically we have two season for severe weather, the fall and the spring, when high and low pressure systems are competing against each other,” said Cox.
   “We get pretty warm this time of year, with upper level systems moving in from the west and northwest,” said Cox. “We also have moisture moving in from the Gulf of Mexico.”
   The combination of cold air in the upper atmosphere and warm air in the lower atmosphere makes for turbulent conditions, Cox said.
   One of the most destructive and deadly tornadoes ever to strike Mississippi tore through Smithville on Apr. 27, 2011.

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