City may limit pet population

Staff Writer

   Grenada families may soon face pet limits.
   The Grenada City Council on Monday voted unanimously to hold a public forum to hear concerns about the number of dogs and cats a person may own within the city limits.
   City Attorney Mary Brown proposed that a person may own up to six dogs and cats, or any combination thereof, and be within the law.
   “We tried to derive a number that would be reasonable,” said Grenada Police Chief Ben Williams.
   The city council will soon hold a public hearing to listen to citizens’ concerns about the proposed ordinance.
   The police department employs two full time animal control officers.
   No penalty is currently in place for exceeding the suggested amount of dogs and cats, nor does the proposed ordinance address pets other than dogs and cats, such as rabbits, birds or hamsters.
   The council took Brown’s recommendation under advisement and agreed to set a date for a public hearing.

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