City clean up urged

Angelo Tolbert (left), fellow City of Grenada employee Irby Bailey and Mayor Billy Collins pick up trash at the interchange of Interstate 55 and Sunsent Drive.

Staff Writer

   Grenada could be a cleaner city, according Mayor Billy Collins, that’s why he’s calling on all citizens take a few minutes and beautify their surroundings.
   “I’ve had some complaints recently that there’s too much trash on the roads, and we need to fix it,” said Collins, who Monday grabbed a pointed stick and started picking up cans and old papers alongside city employees on Sunset Boulevard.
   Employee Irby Bailey said that people would be disgusted to learn what he picks up on a daily basis, including soda bottles filled with urine, prophylactics, dirty diapers, all manner of filth. It isn’t an easy job, Bailey said.
   “We just need to beautify our city. For tourists, for citizens for all people who visit here.”

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