Ready for new adventure


   Commentary By Arnold Dyre

   I had so much fun climbing Duck Hill Mountain that I think I had better start looking for more new adventures to experience.
   When I first wrote about being disappointed that I had never been atop Duck Hill, I also mentioned that I wanted to take a canoe down the Yalobusha River all the way from below the dam at Grenada Lake to where the Yalobusha flows into the Yazoo.
   Additionally, as a boy, I wanted to ride a bicycle from Grenada to Jackson along U.S. Highway 51, camping at night by the roadside.
   Frankly, I no longer have the desire to ride a bicycle that far and certainly do not want to camp along the highway. Yet, I still yearn to traverse the Yalobusha River from the Grenada Dam to where the river flows into the Yazoo. I believe a sturdy motor boat will now serve me better than a canoe.
   Recently, a friend of mine on Facebook posted a list of so-called “best 10 restaurants in the Mississippi Delta.” The list may be flawed because it included an Oxford establishment, and Oxford is not part of the Delta that I know. Anyway, I have previously eaten at only four of the ten listed, and I think that is something that I ought to rectify. In fact, I think I need to eat at all 10 of them so that I will have a current frame of reference to judge them by.
   Back when I was a college student at Ole Miss, I managed to drink at least one beer at every honky-tonk between Memphis and Vicksburg on U.S. Highway 61 and, via a separate excursion, I have done the same thing between Grenada and Jackson on U.S. Highway 51. Well, OK, I admit to doing the Grenada to Jackson feat more than once! In fact, I have done it in both directions multiple times.
   At this point, it probably should be noted that genuine honky-tonks could readily be found along Highway 61 but, along Highway 51, they were mostly just beer joints. That’s a distinction that I will leave for each reader’s individual contemplation.
   Back in those days, it was tough finding either beer joints or honky tonks along Highway 51 north of Carroll County. Accordingly, my college friend Ed Lee and I used to drive the back roads from just north of Grenada all the way up to Marks to find beer joints on our way back to Ole Miss.
   It was a dry run through Panola County and on to the college campus.
   As my memory focuses on these thoughts, it may be becoming clearer in my mind just why I never found time to climb Duck Hill or float down the Yalobusha River back during my younger years. Now that beer joints are no longer a priority, I just might be able to eat at all those restaurants or finally make that float trip. My friend, Bill Hunt, says that he is ready. If we do it, I’ll be sure to tell you about it.

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