City water earns perfect quality rating

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   The Grenada City Council on Monday congratulated the Water and Sewer Department on a perfect quality  rating and voted unanimously to allow the Police Department to apply for needed grants.
   Grenada Water and Sewer scored a perfect five in each of six quality categories. The evaluations are grouped into technical procedures, financial recording and board and city participation.
   The scores are awarded by the Mississippi Department of Health.
   A perfect score across the board is extremely rare, according to Water and Sewer Superintendent Dale Ratliff, and the closest Grenada had come previously was a five in city participation last year.
   “We’ve hit the ceiling now,” said Ratliff. “We can’t achieve any higher than we’ve done with this most recent evaluation. Now, the challenge is to maintain that excellence.”
   The water department’s perfect score is even more remarkable considering that it came in a year during which the health department conducted a ground water survey, Ratliff said.
   “This is a test, given every three years, and the criteria are strict,” said Ratliff.
Grenada’s water system reaches into five counties, including Calhoun, Montgomery, Webster, Carroll and Tallahatchie counties.
   The system, therefore, had to be tested six times, Ratliff said.
   “This is a testament to the great people with whom we work,” said Ratliff. “This recognition belongs to employees here in Grenada, in several departments, as well as to those in other counties. They’ve all made this possible. We strive for high levels of professionalism,” he said.

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